Spectral Analysis (SWIR)

Geoimage uses SWIR
(shortwave infrared)

technology to extract real world
information that will assist you and
your business to make smart

SWIR can differentiate between ground materials through automated information extraction. The SWIR sensor enhances the value of imagery by enabling the detection of specific mineral content and species of vegetation through signatures not identifiable with the naked eye.

The benefits of collecting reflective data in these wavelengths are vast as the measurements can help reveal the mineral content of rocks, the moisture of soil, the health and species of vegetation, the physical composition of building materials and thousands of other invisible details. This spectral information is visible to the digital sensor because of the energy reflectance it measures.

Features and

Before and after

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Here is a side by side comparison of natural colour imagery vs SWIR imagery looking for carbonates. The spectral sensors are able to detect inconsistencies underground to inform clients of potential mineral locations.

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