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atlasTSF offers a unique service in that it combines fresh satellite imagery with InSAR. The results are displayed in a user friendly interactive dashboard with global coverage.


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Safety/Risk Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities with Geoimage’s Interactive Dashboard atlasTSF

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For more than 30 years Geoimage has been one of Australasia’s leading geospatial intelligence firms with a unique technology stack, specialist skills and experience and a commitment to customer service excellence.


Geoimage SWIR eBook

For many, using satellite imagery has been a game changer for their business. The great news is that SWIR just got better.

For over 30 years, Geoimage has been a world leader in spectral analysis of SWIR using ASTER & Landsat Data. Geoimage has broad expertise of providing objective, temporal and multispectral analysis of many of the world’s leading commercial satellites imagery, across all vertical markets.

Using SWIR technology, we are assisting many businesses to collect, understand and leverage competitive advantage and operational efficiency within their business.

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