About Geoimage

Applied Spatial

Established in 1988, Geoimage is a leading independent
specialist in satellite imagery and geospatial solutions.

With decades of local, national and international experience working within the mining, engineering, oil and gas, agricultural, government and environmental industries, we have built trusted relationships with our clients and our partners based on insightful service, shared knowledge and aligned goals. Our success is achieved from the expert advice and innovative problem solving of our team. We are committed to translating our innovation and new spatial technologies into solutions that deliver greater efficiencies, lower costs and improved outcomes for our clients.

Our Company

From acquisition and geo-locating through to mapping, classification and analysis, Geoimage leverages our partnerships with major providers of satellite imagery (Maxar, Airbus, RESTEC, 21AT and NASA) for acquisition and use the most appropriate state of the art technology and software to provide suitable solutions to clients. Many of these relationships have been in place for over 20 years.

Geoimage in combination with partners provide customised services to fit our clients’ geospatial needs, budget and timeframes. Strong relationships with our partners have assisted us to become the independent specialists we are. Together with our software products and services, our access to the widest range of commercial satellite imagery, our partnerships with suppliers of allied business information products, and our experienced, professional technical and sales team, Geoimage is in the strongest possible position to provide customised and innovative solutions to geospatial needs for any industry.

Major Partners

Case Study

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Project title

Naomi Catchment Management Authority
Great Dividing Range
Calibration, Pansharpening and NDVI generation
42,000 skm

Industry Insights

30 Jul 2020


Enhance your DEM’s with Tri-Stereo satellite imaging!

07 Sep 2020


Explore Your Monitoring and Compliance Options with groundWATCH

02 Oct 2020

Now is the time to secure very high resolution satellite imagery to meet government monitoring compliance obligations

Geoimage Facts
The largest data set Geoimage has handled is our bi-annual NSW 1.5m state-wide mosaic.
Geoimage Facts
The largest data set Geoimage has handled is our bi-annual NSW 1.5m state-wide mosaic.
Geoimage Facts
The largest data set Geoimage has handled is our bi-annual NSW 1.5m state-wide mosaic.

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